Pine Tree Montessori
from 12 weeks to 6 years
17102 Marda Ave.,Yorba Linda, CA 92886
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Snippets are short passages of what parents say about Pine Tree.

Selected by Joe Bulos from Parents' Testimonials

1. We were immediately taken by the family atmosphere this day care( daycare)  provided for my baby.

2- Infant care at Pine Tree is reassuring and gave us peace of mind.

At Pine Tree child care (childcare) and preschool (pre school), my child was loved and cared for just as he would have been had he been at home. He was at his best.

The people at Pine Tree Montessori day care(daycare) in Yorba LInda, Ca. are very genuine, nurturing and caring.

The staff at Pine Tree child care (childcare), funtime and tutortime (tutor time), work hard at making sure my baby and all the children learn and have fun at the same time.

The staff at Pine Tree infant care and kindercare(kinder care) preschool, was courteous and caring and very respectful of my needs and my child's needs. He comes home tired, happy and excited to go back.

I couldn't ask for a better home away from home for my baby than Pine Tree child care, fun time and tutortime (tutor time). The best preschool.

This is a very special infant, baby and child care (childcare) and kinder care (kindercare). I consider myself fortunate to have found it.
It is a top preschool.

When a child wakes up in the morning and asks to go to school then you can tell how much fun and good time that baby is having at that preschool. It is fun time and tutortime. (tutor time)

10. Pine Tree Montessori in Yorba Linda, Ca. is not just a preschool or kindercare (kinder care), it is a foundation for a great future of learning. One of the best day care (daycare) facilities.

11. Pine Tree preschool is a remarkable day care (daycare), tutortime (tutor time) and kindergarten. Both of my kids attended from the time they were two and a half months until they went off to first grade. They are the best.

12. Pine Tree Montessori infant care, kindercare (kinder care) and child care, in Yorba Linda, CA,  played a huge role in raising our first daughter and now we feel comfortable entrusting them with our second baby.

The caring atmosphere you’ve created along with a fun and tutortime (tutor time) environment is exactly what he needed to flourish and grow. Pine Tree, you are the top preschool.

14. We think that family is the most important thing in the world, and if Dean, our son, can't be with his family during the work hours then I'm happy he is with one of the best families we know: The Bulos family, Jb, Fadia, Juliana and Micheal, the Pine Tree family.

15. Each baby and child is greeted by name, even before they can talk.

16. The teachers are top notch, well qualified in early childhood education and employee turn-over rate is very low.

17. The best place for children is with their own family, if this is not possible, choose Pine Tree Family.

18. This school is so special to us because of all the people who work here. They are top pros.

19.I can't believe how much his speech had developed and in such a short time.

20. I just wish my son he'd want to come home at the end of the day at Pine Tree.

21 I am so proud of my decision to pick up Pine tree Montessori as my child's first preschool.

22. I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to be flexible and work with my husband's and my schedule regarding Garret's participation in your program.

23. Pine Tree is where caring teachers in small classes inspire children and kids to be curious, ask lots of questions and appreciate all cultures..

24. Kids learn hands-on about the earth, how to a garden grows, how animals live and most importantly how to respect each other.

25. Thank you Fadia for caring for our children, preparing them home-made lunches ( fresh from the garden harvest which the children planted earlier)

26. Your kind, gentle, loving attitude and actions speak volumes. All of you, JB, Fadia, Juliana and staff have, demonstrated that you truly respect the little ones in your care. Our children are your top priorities.

27.Thank you for opening such an outstanding child care center which stands above the rest.
We know for our son Charles, Pine Tree is definitely the perfect choice.

28. As business people at the other end of the spectrum of care, we recognize and excellent product, from our own experience and expectations.

29. My son never ate vegetables before and now he loves them. I do not know what miss Fadia did to convert him.

30. We are very lucky to have our children at Pine Tree day care. We have peace of mind that they both are well taken care of.

31. I was able to see first hand, how my son was able to explore and discover his surroundings at his new day care just like he was able to do so at home.

32. When a child wakes up in the morning and asks to go to school then you can tell how much fun and good time they are having at that school.

33. My son was only 7 months old! After searching high and low, I found Pine Tree and thank God I did!

34. During our first visit, Juliana, the director, and JB encouraged us to talk to  any of the parents that were there at the time. That alone said a lot about their confidence.

35. This is the third year my son is at Pine Tree Preschool and that extra effort has been there every step of the way.

36. If you are thinking of sending your child to a preschool, you owe it to your children to bring them to the best place you could ever hope for a place where they will grow, learn and be loved.